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Why join

A Friendly school having proud of their students

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A unique learning environment

Madurai Public School offers a unique learning environment that is redefining education for students today. We will prepare you for success by enabling you to develop your own point of view and discover your full potential. Madurai Public School is recognized for its quality in teaching and learning which counts it among the top.

A student-centered approach

Madurai Public School takes a personalized and student-centered approach to education where teachers and students are actively engaged in the learning experience. You will join a supportive community which values your uniqueness and will guide you as you shape your own path.

An unmatched

Our rich diversity provides an environment that gives you the inclusive outlook needed to be successful in a global world. You will study with a truly diverse community.

A diverse faculty, accessible to you

The Madurai Public School's diverse faculty is comprised of both excellent academics and experienced professionals with valuable experience. What is more, our teachers are accessible to you.

Bring out the unconventional in you

We provide an environment where you can be open to new ways of thinking, release your creativity, and venture into the unexplored.

Choose your own path to success

Our innovative educational models are appreciated by students and parents, and integrate a variety of teaching approaches and options that allow you to shape your own learning experience.

Put your learning into practice

We combine theory with practice from the moment you start your studies. You will take what you learn in class and apply it to real life cases. Each year students can choose a range of activities to learn at their own pace and dive deep into their real calling.

Learning for tomorrow

Madurai Public School has been well appreciated and commended for innovation in technologies and teaching. We deliver a practical and relevant education that prepares you to meet the professional challenges you will face in your future.

Live your student life to the fullest

You will join a vibrant and diverse student community who live their school life to the full, participating in all the extracurricular opportunities you will have at Madurai Public School.

Your way to your future

We help our students find interest in the subjects they like and help them prepare for their future.

Interested in becoming an MPS Student

We have a rolling admissions process. Places, however, are limited.If you want to start the admission process click here: