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Sharing Our Facilities

Sharing Our Facilities

Madurai Public School has built strong links with the local community through the sharing of facilities and expertise. Our staff and pupils are involved in a wide range of activities, including teacher training workshops, teaching and coaching at local schools and fundraising events for charities, to name but a few. This involvement is an integral part of the School’s ethos as well as being important to many pupils and teachers individually.
School buildings, are regularly made available for use by local community groups.

MADURAI PUBLIC SCHOOL is a landmark in the pursuit of excellence in education. It is an institution deeply dedicated to the mission of growing children with 'INDIAN VALUES and GLOBAL VISION'. With the focus on student-centric, interactive and activity based teaching methodology, the learning for a child at MPS is play way.
All students are educated in an environment of mutual respect and they benefit from smaller class sizes.Students are given opportunities to expand their knowledge in the subjects of their interest beyond curriculum.

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