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Creative Arts

Creative Arts

Creative Arts is one of the most important components of the Madurai Public School approach to a broad and inclusive education that stretches and develops all areas of our pupils’ interests and abilities.

The School has exceptionally strong departments of Drama, Art and Music, all of which excel in their own areas and encourage wider participation from those not necessarily taking these options as subjects of academic study. All pupils have the opportunity to take part in drama productions, contribute to art exhibitions and festivals, and to perform music of many styles and genres whether in bands or in one of several choirs or classical groups. The annual Arts Festival offers a chance for pupils to showcase their talents, as do the pupils’ Drama Festival and the inter-House Art and Music competitions;

We also believe that a great deal of what is important in education happens outside the classroom. At present there are more than 25 extra-curricular activities that the pupils get opportunities to participate in. Pupils are encouraged (especially in the VI Std) to take an active role in initiating and running societies, developing their own interests and taking the responsibility of leading activities with younger year groups as well as with peers. All pupils in the School will do at least one extra-curricular cultural activity here: many choose to do far more.

The diversity of Creative Arts activity in the School as well as this dynamic and student-led quality is a vital part of what makes Madurai Public School a rich and fulfilling educational experience: excellent visiting lecturers, speakers, workshops, theatrical groups, orchestras and performers; these opportunities are balanced with the nurturing, encouragement and stimulation of our pupils’ own interests, talents and creativity.

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