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Organizing A Visit


A visit to Madurai Public School is a great starting point in the process by which parents decide whether it is a suitable school for their children and we warmly invite you to visit the School during term-time.

1. Principal's Forums

These are held on a number of specified days each term. Families are invited for the morning to meet the Principal and other senior members of staff, and also to have a tour of the School with our pupils. The Forums conclude with a question and answer session with the Principal.

2. Afternoon Visits

Afternoon visits can be arranged on most weekdays during term-time. These visits include a meeting with the Admissions Team or a senior member of the teaching staff, and a tour of the School with one of our pupils.

Prospective candidates are invited for an afternoon to meet with the Principaland other members of staff, and also to have a tour of the School with our pupils. The candidates and Parents have the opportunity to discuss their subjects and find out more information about our curriculum with members of our teaching staff.

If you would like to organise a visit, please contact Mr. Karthick: visits@maduraipublicschool.com


If you would like to visit Madurai Public School, please contact Karthick.

T: +91 88073 09006, +91 88073 19006
E: info@maduraipublicschool.com


The Madurai Public School main campus offers a true campus experience. It is housed in the Thiruppalai Veerapandi road. It is only a few minutes from the KG campus, and welcomes students from around the city to a global learning setting, with an atmosphere that is both academic and lively. .


The Madurai public school KG campus is located in the business center of Madurai. Our students benefit from a Lively learning environment, facilities equipped with the latest generation technologies.

Interested in becoming an MPS Student

We have a rolling admissions process. Places, however, are limited.If you want to start the admission process click here: