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Social responsibility

Social responsibility

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MADURAI PUBLIC SCHOOL is a landmark in the pursuit of excellence in education. It is an institution deeply dedicated to the mission of growing children with 'INDIAN VALUES and GLOBAL VISION'.


At the heart of Madurai Public School is a commitment to the wider world.


Social responsibility can be seen in a number of ways: in widening access to Madurai Public School, to enable talented pupils from all backgrounds to benefit from a Madurai Public School education; in a tradition of service within the School that means all our pupils make a meaningful contribution to society, whether locally or further afield; and in thinking creatively about how we can share what we have with others, in schemes like our programme to build capacity in Physics teaching in the maintained sector, or sharing our facilities, In short, to ensure that the School is a force for social good, as our founding principle intend.


At the heart of Madurai Public School is a commitment to the wider world.


We also have a number of education partners. These relationships offer the opportunity to learn from each other, for example, through teacher and pupil exchanges, sharing expertise in teacher training and curriculum planning etc.

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